I try to get out when I can to catch lightening but haven’t had too much luck in the past. Last night ran out a got a couple that were actually pretty good.


Shooting during the Break in the weather this weekend

Few shots for this weekend break in the weather. Thanks to Amber Aubin and Desiree Moch


Added a page for Accreditation and Competition Images

So been asked a few times for people to see the images I sent in for Competition and Accreditation so I have made a page so they can been seen. Have a look at the new header at the top “Accreditation and Competition”

Alberta PPOC Image Competition 2018

Just like the Atlantic Competition I also entered 4 images into the Alberta PPOC Image Competition. Here are the 3 that achieved the level of Accepted. Meaning that they were of enough quality to be displayed in the Alberta Image Salon. The 4 level of images are Not Accepted, Accepted, Merit and ExcellenceFused_Elements-3Fused_Elements-4Fused_Elements-7

Atlantic Canda PPOC Image Competition 2018

The Competition was late in 2018 but got my display ribbons for them a last week so thought I would put them up!
Got to submit 4 images into the competition but 2 didn’t make the cut. At true learning experience.